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Turf Care in South Seaville, New Jersey

Protect your investment in your new landscape with turf care recommendations and instructions from the professionals at Novasack Turf Farm in South Seaville, New Jersey.

Measuring & Ordering

At Novasack Turf Farms, sod is sold by the square foot, with each piece measuring 2'' x 5''. Your width multiplied by your length determines your square footage. When purchasing, we recommend ordering 5 to 10% extra to allow for trimming and waste. Contact us for further information at

Soil Preparation

To prepare the ground for soil, we recommend grading for the sod to slope away from your home or any buildings to prevent drainage problems, then rake and smooth the soil, removing rocks, roots, and large clods.
Next, roll or water your graded area to settle and firm the surface. This will determine any low areas that are retaining water and need more soil. You should leave a final grade 1" below sidewalks and curbs. Once complete, add starter fertilizer, 10-20-20, and add lime per test results. Apply the lime and fertilizer on top of the soil and rake it in. Be sure your ground is completely ready for the sod installation before ordering your sod, as sod needs to be installed and watered immediately.

Sod Installation

Make sure to water your soil before installing your new sod. For easiest, even application, begin installing turf along the longest straight line, such as a driveway or sidewalk and then work towards the middle. Butt and push edges against each other tightly, without stretching and be sure to avoid gaps or overlaps.
Stagger the joints in a brick like fashion, using a sharp hatchet to trim the edges. Avoid leaving small strips at the outer edge, as they will not retain moisture. Start watering as soon as you have a good portion of the sod down. Keep traffic off your sod for the first couple of weeks after installation and do not mow until firmly rooted.
Sod, Turf Care in South Seaville, NJ
Sod, Turf Care in South Seaville, NJ
Sod, Turf Care in South Seaville, NJ


Water your new sod immediately. Apply about 1" of water to your new sod so that the soil underneath is very wet. Make sure that all areas of the sod are being watered. To check, pull back the sod to be sure the soil underneath is wet.
It is important to keep the underlying soil moist for the first two weeks or until your sod is well rooted. Frequent and lighter applications of 1 1/2-inches per week thereafter should be adequate in the absence of rainfall. As the sod becomes more established, less frequent watering is required.


Mow often, generally removing no more than 1/3 of the grass height per mowing. Keep your mower blade sharp and follow local ASPA mowing recommendations for your type of lawn.
Fertilizer and maintenance applications will depend on climate, sod type, soil, insects present, weeds, and disease conditions. Your newly sodded lawn increases your property value significantly. With proper care, it will remain a great asset, providing beauty, a clean playing surface, and an improved environment.
Give us a call today at (609) 624-1400 for more helpful tips from the experts at our sod farm.